"ELV-AWAY"® Temporary Solder Mask Product Storage Information


"ELV-AWAY"® Temporary Solder Mask Products are water soluble, biodegradebale, non-toxic and non-polluting. They are designed to wash away quickly and completely; leaving no residue on the applied surface. To obtain optimum performance from these products, proper storage is very important.

Both the tape products and die cut dots are individually shrink wrapped with a desiccant inside the wrap. The desiccant is there primarily to compensate for the high humidities in many areas of the world. As the product is water soluble, exposure to high humidity and in some cases, high temperatures as well, may cause the product to begin to react to its design.

When an opened roll is placed in use in an environmentally controlled area with temperature of about 70° and 50-55% humidity, and the roll remains in use, you should have no problems. But if the roll is not going to be used for several days, we recommend that it be placed in an air tight, lock seal bag or container. As the humidity and temperature in the work areas vary from near perfect conditions, it becomes more imperative that proper storage is maintained. This will protect the intergrity of the product and keep its performance qualities excellent. To reiterate, when not in use, store the product in an air tight, lock seal bag or container.

We do not recommend storing the product on your shelves for more than three months. The product has a limited shelf life due to the drying effect of the desiccant. The adhesive will eventually lose it's tackiness. Storing it in refrigerated conditions will also help extend the shelf life.

This information is provided to assist you with storage of the product only. If you have any further questions or comments, please contact our office by phone at 208-344-4600 or by email at elvaway@lostriverproducts.com.